Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris dengan Menggunakan Kalimat Present Future Tense

Diposkan oleh On 1:29:00 PM

A : I’m boring.
B : Me too.
A : Let’s go out.
B : No, Mom will not let us. It’s 9 o’clock already.
A : What should we do now?
B : Wait here, I’ll try to talk to Mom.
A : Mom won’t let us out as you said before.
B : Then I will ask dad to take us out.
A : Going out with dad? Where are we going?
B : Restaurant. We’re going to eat cake and ice cream.
A : That’s a good idea.
B : I'll try to talk right now. You wait here, ok?
A : Ok, good luck. I'm going to wait patiently here.

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