Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris dengan Menggunakan Kalimat Present Future Tense

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A : I’m hungry. Will you cook something?
B : What do you want?
A : What will you cook?
B : I will cook any thing you want. Just name it.
A : Ok, I want fried rice. A delicious one.
B : Ok, you just wait here. I’m going to make it ready for you.
A : Where are you going? The kitchen is over there.
B : I’m going to my bedroom.
A : What for?
B : To get my phone of course.
A : Why do you need a phone? You need to go to the kitchen.
B : I need to make a phone call.
A : Who are you going to call?
B : A restaurant of course.
A : So, you are going to order fried rice for me, to a restaurant?
B : Yes, you are very smart dear.
A : You will not cook for me?
B : Of course I won’t. Do you think I can cook?
A : You said you’re good at cooking.
B : When did I say that? I didn’t remember.
A : When we first met.
B : Oh... really? Maybe I lied.
A : What?
B : Just forget it, what about the fried rice? Do you want it or not?
A : Of course, I’m starving.
B : Then stop talking. I’m calling a restaurant. It won’t take long.
A : I just can't believe you lied to me.
B : As so you know, I'm good at lying dear, not cooking.

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