Contoh Percakapan dengan Menggunakan Kalimat Present Future Tense

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A : I’m going to quit work.
B : Really? Why? I thought you like your job.
A : I got bored.
B : If you quit your job, what will you do then? You won’t have money to pay all the bills. How will you buy your foods?
A : I’m going to move in to my parent’s house.
B : What? Do you mean you are going to live with your parents?
A : Yes, isn’t that a good idea?
B : No, of course NOT! It’s a really bad idea! You are 35 and you are going to live with you parents? And you will let your parents buy you food?
A : I thought it was a good idea. I was quite sure that my parent would be very happy to hear that I was going to move to their house. They love me so much. I’m sure they will be very happy.
B : OMG! I can't believe you've just said that.
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