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A. Read the text below
Last night, I went to a restaurant with my family. While we were waiting for our food, there was a woman coming to our table. She said “hi” but I didn’t know her. She said she was an old friend. We went to the same elementary school back in 1995. I tried to remember but I failed. I said sorry. She said it was OK. She said we didn’t that close in elementary school. I invited her to join our table but she said no. She had to go. Then she went away.
On the way back home, I still thought about the woman. If we didn’t that close she wouldn’t come to the table and said hi. Until now, I still can’t remember who she was. Yes, maybe she was right, we didn’t that close.

B. Exercise 1: Change the sentences below into Negative form!

  1. I went to a restaurant with my family. __________________________________
  2. We were waiting for our food. __________________________________
  3. She was an old friend. __________________________________
  4. I tried to remember. __________________________________
  5. I failed. __________________________________
  6. She had to go.__________________________________

C. Exercise 2: Answer the questions below!

  1. Did you go to the restaurant last night?__________________________________
  2. What were you waiting for when there was a woman coming to your table?__________________________________
  3. Who was she?__________________________________
  4. What did she say?__________________________________
  5. Did you try to remember her?__________________________________
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