Materi Grammar Bahasa Inggris untuk Tingkat SD: TO BE: When does a sentence need “to be”?

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NOT every sentence in English needs "to be". "I drink a glass of milk every morning." This sentence doesn't require a "to be". If we write this "I am drink a glass of milk every morning." then the sentence will be grammatically incorrect. So, which sentence requires to be?

A. When the sentence doesn’t have main verb as its predicate
·         I am smart.
·         She is a doctor.
·         That is my pen.
·         The book is on the table.
·         She was very nice to me.
·         They were my friends.

B. When the sentence is in Continuous Tense
·         I am reading a newspaper.
·         My friend is swimming.
·         They are fishing.
·         We are washing the car.
·         He is standing by the door.
·         I was crying last night when you walked away.
·         She was sleeping in my room when I came in.

C.  When the sentence is in Passive voice
·         The room is cleaned by my sister every morning.
·         The cake was eaten by him.
·         My purse was stolen.
·        I was hit by a car.
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