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Word Class (Kelas Kata)
A.     Noun (kata benda)           
  • Common noun            => dog, human, woman, table, chair, nose, book, house, street, tree, flag, food, drink, paper, office, curtain, pillow, shoe, t-shirt, sand, wind, storm, prince, kingdom, air, breath, satisfaction, etc.
  • Proper noun    => France, Jakarta, Rossa, Siti, Mrs. Lina, January, Thursday, UNPAD, SDN I Pamengpeuk, MEC, etc.
    Abstract noun => beauty, happiness, fear, unity, anger, organization, thought, sadness, hatred, revenge, emotion, temperature, hesitation, love, etc.
    Collective noun => 
B.     Pronoun (kata ganti)
  • Personal pronoun (Subject)    => I, you, we, they, he, she, it.
  • Personal pronoun (object)      => me, you, us, them, him, her, it.
  • Possesive adjective pronoun  => my, your, our, their, his, her, its.
  • Possesive pronoun                  => mine, yours, theirs, his, hers.
C.     Verb (kata kerja)
  • Main verb       => walk, sing, run, write, work, drink, eat, cook, help, remind, forget, forgive, love, hate, find, know, take, want, jump, drop, put, etc.
  • Verb be           => am, is, are (bentuk past: was, were)
  • Verb have       => have, has (bentuk past: had)
  • Modals                        => will, must, shall, can (bentuk past: would, must, should, could)
D.     Adjective (kata sifat)        => heavy, white, smart, angry, ugly, bad, good, hot, cold, emotional, happy, sad, adorable, nice, etc.
E.     Adverb (kata keterangan)           
  • Adverb of manner      => bravely, fast, happily, hardly, slowly, beautifully, well, etc.
  • Adverb of place          => by, down, here, near, there, up.
  • Adverb of time            => now, soon, still, then, today, tomorrow, last year, etc.
  • Adverb of frequency  => always, never, occasionally, often, every month, every Sunday, etc.
F.      Preposition (kata depan) => to, for, at, on, in, by, before, etc.
G.    Article => a/an, the, วพ
H.    Conjunction (kata sambung) => and, but, while, or, etc.
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