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Choose the best answer!
1. I _________ back to my hometown three years ago.
a. gone
b. goes
c. went
d. go
e. going

2. My mother ______ meat from the butcher once a week.
a. is buying
b. has bought
c. buys
d. will have bought
e. buy

3. ______ she make a lot of friends at the party last night?
a. Does
b. Did
c. was
d. Do
e. Is

4. A : Yesterday he went to the electronic store.      
    Q : What _______ he buy?
    A : He bought a computer.
a. did
b. does
c. do
d. is
e. was

5. I _____________to a concert tomorrow.
a. was going
b. am going
c. will to go
d. go
e. went

6. Which sentence is incorrect?
a. My sister is very clever.
b. What does she do?
c. She is a teacher in a primary school.
d. Where does she lives?
e. Her husband's name is Ray.

7. Which sentence is correct?
a. Does she has any children?
b. She is eight years old.
c. She angry at her husband.
d. Don’t be forget to feed the dog.
e. Yesterday, she makes her brother cry.

8. I will graduate from high school ___________.
a. next year
b. last week
c. yesterday
d. two days ago
e. the day before yesterday

9. She never ______ hello to me.
a. says
b. say
c. is say
d. is says
e. is saying

10. My sister cannot open the door because _________.
a. she is cleaning the bathroom.
b. she cleans the bathroom.
c. she will clean the bathroom.
d. she has cleaned the bathroom.
e. the bathroom is being cleaned by her.

11. Which sentences is a continuous tense?
a. Don’t play with fire
b. We are reading a letter.
c. I drove my car into the garage.
d. He likes watching TV in the evening.
e. What is the name of that picture?

12. He _________ English.
a. can speaks
b. doesn’t speak
c. speak
d. does speaks
e. speaking

13. What _______ he _________?
a. does, has
b. does, have
c. do, has
d. do, have
e. did, has

14. I ________ a new car last month.
a. bought
b. have bought
c. buyed
d. don’t buy
e. am buying

15. Which sentence is a past tense form?
a. I'm going to Seattle to learn English.
b. He enjoys playing football.
c. I didn’t finish my homework.
d. Have you ever seen that girl?
e. Can you sit down?

16. She ___________ always ___________ her dictionary.
a. not, bring
b. doesn’t, brings
c. not, brings
d. does not, bring
e. so not, brings
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