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Choose the correct answer!
1.      I ......... her every day and she never says hello to me.
a.       see
b.      am seeing
c.       will see

2.      What is the name of that picture which you ......... on the wall.
a.       look at
b.      is looking at
c.       are looking at

3.      ......... to see that film that is on at the cinema next week?
a.       Do you go
b.      Is you going
c.       Are you going

4.      ......... every single thing which that man says?
a.       Do you believe
b.      Is you believing
c.       Are you believing

5.      Later tonight I ......... my uncle, who is ill in hospital.
a.       visit
b.      am visiting
c.       are visiting

6.      Why ......... late every time we arrange to meet?
a.       is he
b.      he is
c.       is he being

7.      ......... by air because the cost of flying is very high.
a.       I don't often travel
b.      I'm not often travelling
c.       I'll not often travelling

8.      Next time you ......... to my house, you must bring that book.
a.       come
b.      is coming
c.       are coming

9.      I ......... to remember your name but I'm afraid I can't remember it.
a.       try
b.      am trying
c.       will trying

10.  The boys ______ television every night unless they have homework.                    
a.       watch
b.      watches    
c.       watched      
d.      watching

11.  Maria ______ an appointment to see the doctor. It is at 10.00 am. tomorrow.       
a.       make  
b.      makes    
c.       made      
d.      has made

12.  They ______ when they are ready.                    
a.       come  
b.      came    
c.       will come
d.      have come                  

13.  Judy ______ watching horror films although she has nightmares afterwards
a.       like  
b.      likes
c.       liked      
d.      will like                  

14.  It ______ every afternoon for the past week. The weather forecast predicts rain for next week too.       
a.       is raining  
b.      was raining    
c.       has been raining
d.      had been raining                  

15.  I ______ the door before I realized that the keys were inside the house.                    
a.       lock  
b.      locked    
c.       has locked    
d.      had locked
16.  When Sally ______ her first pay, she bought presents for her parents.    
a.       receive      
b.      received
c.       has received      
d.      had received            

17.  It's lovely to wake up in the morning and ______ birds singing.              
a.       Hear
b.      hears      
c.       heard      
d.      hearing            

18.  Aaron ______ $80.00 for that bag.              
a.       pay      
b.      paid
c.       pays      
d.      paying

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