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A. Give a cross (x) on the right answer!
  • I ________1). His name is Rio. He ________ (2) in a dormitory near school. He ________ from Indonesia (3). He ________ (4) to school almost every day. Rio ________(5)a room with Tom. Tom ________ (6) from China. Rio and Tom ________ (7) to the same school. They ________ (8) English classes 
  1. a. has a friend b. have a friends c. have a friend d. have friend 
  2. a. lives b. is live c. live d. living 
  3. a. is b. - c. come d. are 
  4. a. walkes b. walks c. is walking d. walked 
  5. a. shares b. sharing c. shared d. to share 
  6. a. comes b. coming c. is coming d. to come 
  7. a. goes b.gos c. is going d. go 
  8. a. takes b. took c. take d. taking 
B. Give a cross (x) on the right answer! 
1.      John ________ here two weeks ago.
a.       come
b.      comes
c.       coming
d.      came

2.      Did you tell her?
a.       Yes, I do.
b.      Yes, I have.
c.       Yes, I did.
d.      Yes, I told.

3.      She ____ a brother.
a.       doesn't has
b.      don't has
c.       don't have
d.      doesn't have

4.      They _____ here every day.
a.       don't come
b.      doesn't comes
c.       doesn't come
d.      don’t came

5.      She ____ hard to finish ________ homework.
a.       try, her
b.      try, his
c.       tries, her
d.      tries, her

6.      They played football _____________.
a.       yesterday
b.      tomorrow
c.       every day
d.      right now

7.      My sisters ______ beautiful and intelligent.
a.       am
b.      is
c.       not
d.      are

8.      He___________  his English teacher every Monday in class.
a.       Meet
b.      Meeting
c.       Meets
d.      Met

9.      Water ____________ at 100 degrees.
a.       boil
b.      boils
c.       boiled
d.      is boiling

10.  Do you have a plan for this weekend?
a.       Yes, I am going to visit my friends.
b.      Yes, I go to visit my friends.
c.       Yes, I went to visit my friends.
d.      Yes, I have gone visitmy friends

11.  A   : Don’t forget to wash your shoes!
B   : Don’t worry! I _________ them.
a.       have washed
b.      washes
c.       washing
d.      to wash

12.  The hotel _____________ by _________.

  1. build, us
  2. was built, them
  3. is building, they
  4. builds, him
C.    The sentences below are incorrect. Change them into the correct sentences!
  1. I has a friend.                                          ___________________________________
  2. He go to school almost every day.          ___________________________________
  3. She don’t have a brother.                        ___________________________________
  4. They come here two weeks ago.             ___________________________________
  5. That car is me.                                         ___________________________________
  6. The book was wrote by her.                    ___________________________________
  7. She studys in her room almost every night.       ___________________________________
  8. He watching tv right now.                      ___________________________________
  9. I am like listening to music.                    ___________________________________
  10. He will play football yesterday.              ___________________________________
  11. My father have go to Garut.                   ___________________________________
  12. He angry with me.                                  ___________________________________
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