Contoh Percakapan Singkat untuk Wawancara Kerja

Diposkan oleh On 3:06:00 PM

Dibawah ini adalah salah satu contoh bentuk percakapan yang terjadi pada saat Wawancara kerja:

Question  : What’s your name?
Answer    : My name is Ryan.
Question  : How old are you?
Answer    : I am twenty-five years old.
Question  : Where are you from?
Answer    : I am from Indonesia.
Question  : What is your marital status?
Answer    : I am single.
Question  : What is your religion?
Answer    : I am a Moslem.
Question  : Do you have work experiences?
Answer    : No, I don’t have.
Question  : Why do you want to work?
Answer    : Because I want to make some money to support my family and myself.
Question  : Are you ready to work?
Answer    : Yes, of course, I am ready.
Question  : What is your skill?
Answer    : I work fast. I am a hard worker.
Question  : Are you ready to work under pressure?
Answer    : Yes, I can work under any circumstances.
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